Sports Performance

 Having just got back into outdoor running, my David Lloyd Personal Trainer decided it would be good to use the Woodway Curve as part of my strength and conditioning programme- I have ‘weak glutes’ so he wanted to use to build ‘glute’ activation, alongside general strength and fitness related specifically to running. I have walked on the Woodway Curve many times, but was apprehensive of running due to balance issues- creating a real lack of confidence. My PT gave me lots of advice prior to my first HI sprint session- which was a huge success! My confidence builds each time, as does my sprint speed, and it’s amazing how just 16 minutes of interval training has increased my calorie burn by 300 per session! My outdoor running speed has improved as a result- in just 4 weeks my quickest speed has gone from 5.19 mins per KM to 4.51mins per KM- which is a huge gain for me! I would recommend the Woodway Curve as an addition to any training program- whether for walking, running, sprinting, HIIT training- the benefits and gains are huge!?

Elaine Denton
Group Health and Fitness Support Manager

I love the new Woodway CURVE. The big drawback to treadmill running in some people's mind is that the treadmill is doing half the work. Not with the new CURVE. My athletes love it and, we have seen great results with heart rate elevation. This is just a great piece.

Mike Boyle
Founder Body by Boyle

The Woodway Curve Treadmill was an integral part of our training regimen for 2010 IGNITION Florida NFL Combine Class. Our combine training was a huge success and it obviously paid off at the NFL Draft. This treadmill was used amongst the Nation’s Top College Football Prospects, so not only was it beneficial to our program but also helped made a difference in the speed and agility of these athlete’s and most likely affect the rest of their lives.

Clif Marshall
IGNITION, Performance Director

The Wattbike has allowed us to scientifically enhance our Energy System Development Programs for numerous athletes we work with at our facility. The Wattbike, typically seen as a cardiovascular tool, has also helped us transform our strengthening program with the real-time diagnostic feedback. The peak power output data that is captured from every revolution in combination with the Polar View that visually shows us each individual leg's power really helps us understand an athlete’s capabilities. In addition, the Wattbike’s testing protocols provide excellent repeatability when tracking improvements. The Wattbike is one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment any sports performance coach could need.

Jason Jerome, MSed, ATC, LAT, CPT
Director of Athletic Development, IMPACT Sports Performance

The human powered Woodway Force Treadmill (3.0 model) was instrumental during our 2016 NFL Combine Training Program at Ignition. Our coaching staff was able to analyze stride length, stride frequency, and force production in real time with our athletes during acceleration training. This feedback was extremely beneficial and it helped our athletes drop their 40-yard dash times significantly.

Clif Marshall
IGNITION, Performance Director


Woodway treadmills are the Cadillac of treadmills. We currently have twelve Woodway Desmo treadmills on the base at Camp Pendleton and five Woodway Force treadmills. The Woodway Desmos have proven to be extremely reliable, with less downtime and maintenance required than on conventional treadmills. The word that comes to mind with this treadmill is “longevity”. The Desmo has rubber slats that make it look like a tank and the word “tank” is a very apt description. This would be the treadmill I would recommend not only for our Marine Base application but also for a desert application, as it could withstand the rigors of the desert climate with its unique ball bearing design and vulcanized rubber slats on the running surface.

The Woodway Force treadmill is a more specialized treadmill for athletic training and we have found this an extremely useful tool for high performance training, particularly those trying to improve their explosive power. The upfront cost of a Woodway is more than offset by its longevity and reliability. For this reason, we will definitely continue to purchase Woodway treadmills.

Clif Marshall
IGNITION, Performance Director


As a YMCA, we are committed to serving our community, focusing on healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. We must also be good stewards of the investment dollars we spend with the majority coming from donations, and I feel WOODWAY products parallel that stewardship very well. Although the initial investment may be higher, WOODWAY provides a better value to both our members and our bottom line in the long term.

When we opened our new facility 5 years ago, we considered purchasing WOODWAY treadmills, but decided on name brand conventional treadmills based primarily on price. As time passed, we realized that the total cost of ownership, including maintenance of the conventional treadmills, actually exceeded that of WOODWAY.

When it came time to purchase new treadmills, we decided to go with WOODWAY and have experienced reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime. Member satisfaction is important and our members love the WOODWAY running surface and how quiet the treadmills are. Our staff now is able to focus more attention on our members rather than maintenance.

Clif Marshall
IGNITION, Performance Director

Personal Training

I love using the Woodway curve to challenge my clients but also to help them work on their technique. I have used the Woodway many of times for glute activation as well as activating the posterior kinetic chain. It great simply due to the weighted belt of the treadmill. 

Mark Attewell
Lead Coach

I really enjoy using the Woodway curve treadmill with my clients. Its gives great adaptability and is the perfect tool for challenging them with speed intervals. Its far greater than a conventional treadmill as it reacts to speed increase immediately. 

Chris Dawe
Personal Trainer

I try to provide the best of everything for the people who come to my gym because they deserve that. Why would my treadmills be any different? It’s Woodway or the highway.

Gunnar Peterson

Fire Department

The Orlando Fire Department just purchased four Woodway Desmos for our new Station 1/ headquarters facility. Our personnel rave about them, my experience with the company itself was awesome and the repair tech class that I attended was top notch. We went with Woodway after experiencing numerous problems with our other brand of tread (think late 60's sci-fi TV show with William Shatner). Main purchasing points of the WOODWAY were durability, belt life, impact absorption and electrical savings (the station is certified as a "green" building). I would highly recommend Woodway over any other treadmill manufacture out there. We hope to purchase at least eight more in this fiscal year.

Chris DeMaagd
Firefighter/ Peer Fitness Trainer Orlando Fire Department

Active Lifestyle

Woodway has given me the opportunity to run again!!! With a long history of knee injuries and surgeries, I have been sidelined for over 4 years from running and any other type of high impact activities. For someone that loves to run and compete—this broke my spirit. Running on the road I could go about 5 minutes before my knees were screaming at me to stop! Two months ago, I decided to hop on a Woodway for 5 minutes to see “how my knees felt.” 5 minutes came and went and they felt good. I told myself to go 5 more minutes until I had worked up to a 30-minute workout, including some sprint intervals. Wow- I felt great, not just while I was in the moment but more importantly later that day and even the next day. I have always known how special Woodway treadmills are, especially for someone that has the knee history that I do. Being able to run again has given me the opportunity to challenge myself and feel athletic again, which is a great feeling!! Treadmill workouts are a vital part of my overall training program and I am so happy that I can run on a Woodway without pain. I can take my training to a whole new level!!!

Amy Verstegen
Founder, Athletes’ Performance

Commercial Fitness

WOODWAY treadmills are without a doubt the best there is. I run a commercial gym and have some fairly serious weight lifters in the mid-200 lbs to mid-300 lbs. and some obese people as well and my conventional treadmills were not up to the task. I was performing repairs and maintenance on a monthly basis right from the first month, I had treadmills malfunctioning and out of service every few days and it was costing me return memberships. Since purchasing my two WOODWAY's I have not had any issues. It was hard for me to justify the cost of the treadmills, but in the end, I believe it was one of the best investments I have made.

John Nowak
Owner, Iron Gym & Fitness

The Woodway Curves have been a standout addition to the BEYOND workout. With the intensity controlled entirely by the user, our clients have much more quickly and efficiently achieved desired results and they love the challenging camaraderie experienced with the Curves in a group training environment. Considering our level of client satisfaction, the low electrical costs and little maintenance, the Curves have gone BEYOND our expectations.

Chris Hudson
Head Trainer, BEYOND Studios

Lifetime Achievement

During a running career that spans 44 years to date, I have covered nearly a quarter of a million miles, almost half of them on treadmills. In the process, I have worked out on virtually every make of heavy-duty treadmill available in America. From that experience, I find that my Woodway provides the quietest and softest run imaginable. So if you are serious about exercise and prefer running as the means, the Woodway treadmill is just what the doctor ordered.

Herbert L. Fred
MD, MACP Physician, Medical Educator, and Ultramarathoner

Force Treadmill Non-Motorized Training

The WOODWAY Force is the perfect tool for speed and acceleration training. You can measure the athlete's performance through speed, distance, time, force and power. When you measure it, you can manage it. Computer control allows us to quantify performance progress and precisely design training programs and loads. The athletes propel it instead of a motor, so they feel the force applied to the ground and have greater kinesthetic awareness of movements with the Force's enhanced feedback. Bottom line, they learn quicker and improve their sprint mechanics so we see immediate and transferable results.

Ken Vick
CEO Integrated Performance Systems, LLC

The main reason I like to use the WOODWAY Force is because you can use it for any fitness level - from weight loss to rehabilitation to elite athlete. That flexibility makes it really useful, plus you get the best workout at any of those levels.

Paul Robbins
Metabolic Specialist, Athletes Performance

Since 2003, we have used the Force on daily basis for speed development, interval improvements, dynamic leg strength, and lower body rehab. The resistive properties of the Force allow clients to train max power and power endurance in a functional setting, while also allowing the coach to teach skill and sprint mechanics.  The manual powered aspect allows the trainer to both challenge & progress each client individually in a group or team based setting. These qualities are unique to the Woodway Force and we have found it to be a one of a kind teaching and training tool.

Scott Moddy

College Recreation - High Usage Facility

We have 12 4Front treadmills at our Campus Recreation Center that are so popular and so busy that we added six more to our newly opened Recreation & Wellness Center. The treadmills are in constant use from when we open at 5:45 to closing time at midnight. Our WOODWAYs are one of the few pieces of equipment that we never have to worry about breaking down. Fewer repairs means greater usage, and for us this is vital to keeping a fit population of students and staff alike. In addition, we are constantly receiving compliments on how surprisingly quiet and comfortable the 4Front belts are-- yet another reason we simply could not go without our WOODWAYs.

Amy Lanham
University of Nebraska Lincoln

The WOODWAY is the best long-term option for both the facility and the patron due to 1) Better shock absorption for the patron 2) Less out of service signs so better customer service 3) Less repairs so better financially in the long run 4) Much easier to clean, which makes it less likely to break down.  We have also received many compliments about how much everyone loves running on them.  Even the die-hards have said that the WOODWAYs are fantastic.  The noise level has gone down significantly, making significantly less noise than the pounding on the decks (conventional treadmills). It is a night and day difference that really adds to the quality of the facility.

Melissa Buchheit
Georgia State

University Recreation and Wellness' relationship with WOODWAY over the past two decades has been very positive for the University, the department, and most importantly for our members.  As one of the largest institutions in the country, with thousands of users each day, the treadmills have exceeded our expectations in terms of performance, maintenance, and longevity.  The soft and smooth feel of the Mercury treadmill is appreciated by our long-distance runners, recreational runners, and walkers alike. Solid construction means maintenance is very minimal to non-existent.  We respect and appreciate the partnership that has been established with the WOODWAY Company and people these past 18-years; allowing us to provide our students, faculty, and staff what we would consider the best treadmill in the industry.

Lisa Lemler
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Medical/Clinical Rehab

Having been a cardiac rehab therapist for about ten years, I've seen many advances in treatment and equipment. The WOODWAY is a superior product and it has made a favorable impact on our patients. There is absolutely no comparison with conventional treadmills, some patients will use no other.

Barb Fagen
Exercise Specialist Cardiac Rehab Department, Community Memorial Hospital