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Curve Treadmills at Beyond 500

Unlike your typical treadmill, the Curve wasn’t built to accommodate an average run. It was built without a motor to replicate real human speed and effort allowing for the absence of power and speed buttons. It was strategically designed with a curved running surface to allow for max acceleration and the absence of incline buttons. There is no cord to plug it in, simply because it doesn’t require electricity. You won’t find this treadmill at your local sporting goods store and you won’t be calling about maintenance every other month because the Curve Treadmill is built to last with a life expectancy of 150,000 – 200,000 miles. It’s not your average treadmill, because it’s not your average workout.

Sport Specific Testing Tool

The Curve treadmill is an all-out sprinting machine and that’s exactly what it was made for. It’s an outdoor track experience brought into one continuous curved treadmill developed for small group, HIIT, and sport specific training. According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, “a single 30 second maximal sprint on the Curve treadmill may be an alternative to several time-consuming field tests, once athletes are familiarized with the device.” The Curve alone acts as a well-balanced solution for any type of performance and athlete testing protocol allowing the user to reach maximum speed anywhere from 0 to 6 seconds.

Small Group Training Solution

What makes the Curve Treadmill the ideal small group training solution for your club or gym? The Curve treadmill is without limits. No repetitive pushing of buttons to get to your desired speed. With the Curve you get on and run and the running surface springs to life under your very feet. The Curved design allows multiple users to transition between workout stations quick and easy without a delay of a motor trying to catch up. Another feature of the Curve that makes it ideal for small group training is you can place your cardio machine anywhere. The Curve requires ZERO electricity, so you won’t have to worry about extension cords or finding an outlet nearby. Hook up ropes to the side bars, do some mountain climbers using the self-propelled belt, or even bust out some push-ups using the lifting bar, the Curve makes for the perfect functional training piece allowing for many various exercises on one piece of equipment.

Achieve More in Less Time

If you’re crunched for time or just want a quick and efficient workout that will give you results, once again the Curve is your solution. The key behind the Curve is that YOU are the motor and YOU are doing all the work. It takes more energy to move the Curve at the same speed as a conventional treadmill forcing your calorie expenditure to increase up to 30%. A Physical Therapy in Sport Study proved that the “non-motorized Curve Treadmill elicits greater physiological stimulus than standard motorized treadmills with small, though statistically significant, changes in RPE at matched speeds.” So while you may be able to sprint on a treadmill for 30 seconds, you’ll find yourself way more exhausted after doing a 30 second sprint on the Curve and you’ll also burn more calories, improve your running form, AND utilize more muscle groups doing it!

Improve Form & Muscle Expenditure

The Curve treadmill does what no other treadmill does. Just running on the Curve automatically improves running form and boosts posterior muscle expenditure without it even crossing your mind. With a curved incline the Curve forces proper foot strike and allows the user to extend in full stride length while sprinting. The 3/8” thick thermoplastic elastomer slat belt surface absorbs the impact on contact allowing for less stress on joints and muscles much like you would find on an outdoor track. When you’re done, you’ll notice those posterior muscle groups beginning to work and eventually become stronger allowing for increased speed and stamina.

No Motor Means No Electricity

No outlets, no electricity bill, no problem. The Curve treadmill operates when the user steps forward along the running surface, propelling the belt with their stride, not electricity. Two double AA batteries for the display and some human power are all you need to keep the Curve running. No pun intended.

Built in the USA

Designed and manufactured in the USA by industry professionals with over 40 years of experience, the Curve Treadmill is without a doubt the only one of its kind.

Sprint faster. Transition quicker. Train smarter.


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