100 Miles in 24 Hours on the Curve

Petelin training on a WOODWAY Curve.

Lawyer, CrossFit Endurance trainer, and ultramarathon runner Brandon Petelin is not one to say no to a challenge, especially one that tests his physical fitness. Petelin’s passion for pushing the limits of his own physical fitness led him to take on a challenge unlike anything he’d ever done before: run 100 miles in 24 consecutive hours on a WOODWAY Curve.

For the past 3 years Petelin has been running ultramarathons, and doing CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance workouts to build strength while also improving his stamina and racing competitiveness. Despite being an ultramarathon runner, Petelin says his weekly mileage is around 10 to 15 miles, so a long run like this was quite out of ordinary for him. According to Petelin, “It started out as a joke that ended up turning into a scary dream.” But on June 4th at 6:30 am at Balance Gym Thomas Circle in Washington, DC, Petelin stepped onto a WOODWAY Curve, hoping to turn that scary dream into a reality.

24 hours and an incredible 102.76 miles later, on June 5th, Petelin achieved his goal.

He didn’t do it alone, though. While no one else ran nearly as much as Petelin did, Balance Gym set up a second WOODWAY Curve next to the one Petelin was running on and encouraged other gym members to train next to him, trying to ensure that that he never ran alone. Having a constant support system breaking up the monotony and reminding Petelin to continue eating to replenish the nearly 20,000 calories he burned during this run was vital to his success.

However, Petelin didn’t just complete this grueling physical endeavor for himself, he also did this to raise money for charity. Petelin’s goal was to raise $1,440, one dollar for each minute he was to run. The money is allocated between two different charities: Steve’s Club DC and Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. Steve’s Club DC is an organization that provides a fitness community that at-risk or underserved youth at no cost to them with the goal to create a positive, uplifting community and improve the overall fitness and health for youth in the DC area. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. You can donate to his fundraising page here, and you can even pick which of the two charities you would like your donation to go to.

Congratulations to Brandon Petelin for accomplishing this amazing feat, we love seeing incredible athletes doing incredible things on WOODWAY treadmills to support a great cause.


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