Becoming Sustainable at Illinois State University

In a short amount of time the leaves will begin to turn and summer will give way to autumn and cooler weather. As we look forward to the beautiful colors of the fall it is important not to forget the color green. The lack of verdant vegetation is no reason to forget that what we do in our daily lives affects the world around us, particularly the environment. This month, WOODWAY wants to highlight an article by Campus Rec Magazine featuring Illinois State University Rec Center, and their efforts to create a green, energy efficient, campus:

While the article highlights energy efficiency on a large scale, you too can incorporate some of these aspects into your own personal life. If you have a WOODWAY Curve, as the Rec center does, you’re already saving energy and their related costs by a substantial amount each month. Even if you don’t have WOODWAY you can still save energy costs by unplugging your treadmill when not in use. Likewise, if you have a motorized WOODWAY, such as the 4FRONT, try dynamic mode out for a user generated workout for multiple benefits – variety in workout, anaerobic exercise, and reducing energy costs. Last, take advantage of the remaining weeks before cooler weather to get your running done outside – you’ll miss it come winter time!

Last, WOODWAY would like to remind you to post your workouts. Use #WoodwayWorkout to notify us that you’ve recently worked out on a WOODWAY. As part of our new social media plan users will be randomly highlighted each week. This helps WOODWAY understand how our users engage with our treadmills, and hopefully, encourages each and everyone us to lead healthier lives. Work and get noticed because collectively, WE ARE WOODWAY!