Social Media Changes

Woodway would like to take a brief moment of your time to discuss the new social media changes moving forward. We teased on Friday that there would be changes in our social media – they begin today! Before we dig into the changes, Woodway would like to acknowledge how grateful we are for the fan interaction that we have received over the years. It is because of this interaction that we are making the following changes:


1.     We plan to better engage with you, our followers. We have Q&A’s, behind the scene footage and participatory events ready to be shared over the coming months. The goal of this is to eliminate one sided exchange – Woodway has appreciated your videos, posts, and blurbs for a long time. Our plans were initiated by wanting to show our appreciation, engage more thoroughly and give back to you with better content.


2.     As part of this outreach, not everything we do on social media will be performance driven. While this is important to us as a company, we have come to realize that fitness 24/7 on social media leads to burnout – just as working out 24/7 would in life. We will generate content that is more diverse, fun, and innovative. Most of what we do will still center around running and fitness lifestyle but will be delivered in such a manner as to harbor a community – the #WeAreWoodway community.


3.     As part of our social media changes #WeAreWoodway is the first campaign. We want to better express who we are at Woodway, what we do, and why. #WeAreWoodway will better expand upon who we are as a company and better inform about our products.


4.     Please continue to post videos of your workouts and training sessions. It is a goal of ours to help you reach your performance/fitness goals – and it is fun to see you doing so. Furthermore, it helps Woodway see how our products are used and inspires us to continually innovate and progress. Post your videos with the hashtag #WoodwayWorkout – compilations of these workouts will be seen every Wednesday, and further incentives are in the works for our most active followers.


5.     Last, and not least, thank you to everyone who has been posting, tagging and supporting us on all our social media accounts. You are the reasons for these changes and you have driven us to look for ways to be better, thank you!