Top NFL Combine Prep Program Commonalities

Will Fuller (WR) Houstan Texans. Photo credit: EXOS

The 2016 NFL draft is complete and all 253 picks have been made. Lasting a total of three days that, for any college hopeful, can lead to many grueling practices, intense training and a lifetime of memories.

But what makes these college prospects so good? Where do they train? What equipment are they using? How do they get picked?

Among some of the nation’s top NFL Combine Prep Programs lies a few things in common; remarkable facilities, reputable trainers, and top notch equipment.

This year alone EXOS, a company founded to maximize the potential of athletes, hit a record of 80 players selected in the 2016 NFL draft which is equal to 32 percent of this year’s total draft class.  EXOS saw a record 16 athletes drafted in the first round alone.

For 10 straight years, Ignition, a training destination out of Ohio, sent 20 of their prospects to the NFL. Other top facilities such as IMG, Fitness Quest 10, Impact Sports Performance, FitSpeed, Michael Johnson Performance, The Chamber, and many more have been proving what top facilities can do for many of the country’s top athletes.

But what makes these facilities different than the rest? What training regimens are being used?  Not only do these facilities offer top notch power, speed, and strength training, but they have some of the best tools to do it with. Among those tools are Woodway Treadmills.

With over 35 years of industry experience Woodway provides top of the line comfort and reliability to athletes and facilities all over the world. With products sold to 100% of the NFL, MLB, NBA and many of the nation’s top hockey, soccer and military facilities it’s no wonder athletes, trainers and military personnel are coming to rely on these machines. Woodway’s performance treadmills offer an element of superior training that comes to define how an athlete moves and their ability to progress. With non-motorized and resistance treadmills such as the Curve and Force models, each individual is given the tools needed to become a faster, stronger and a more complete athlete.

In preparation for the combine, training sessions are often divided up into two different workouts:

Workout 1 - Field Training Workout 2 - Weight Room
Vertical Jump Olympic Lifts
Broad Jump Lower & Upper Body Strength Movements
40-yard Dash

Corrective Exercises

L Cone Core Training
Pro Agility & Positional Drills  

However, not every part of training for the combine derives from the workouts and equipment it’s surrounded by. Recovery and regeneration periods are performed on a daily basis to involve hot and cold tubs, chiropractic sessions, massages and post-workout supplementation. Much of the work these talented athletes are doing is guided by a reputable training staff that value the importance of a healthy diet and proper nutrition. Many top facilities of this caliber offer meals and beverage bars to ensure each athlete is staying energized and eating properly.

Each position coach, sport psychologist, nutritionist, trainer and piece of equipment play a key role in the success of each of these hard working athletes. Day in and day out, through hundreds of hours and thousands of reps, at the end of the draft each athlete is reminded that whether its .3 seconds off their 40-yard dash time or 8 more bench press reps, hard work really does pay off.

Congratulations to all drafted athletes and the facilities that aided in the process!