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Performance Testing. Redefined

Not too long ago, identifying a potential elite athlete was a matter of how fast they could sprint around a track, how well they kicked a football, or how much they could lift. During the past decade however, sports scientists and elite teams are routinely using advanced tests to determine fitness, agility, body composition, explosiveness, reaction times, and much more to pinpoint tomorrow’s champions.

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How To Build Out a Garage Gym

Making the most of unused or underused space can even add to the value of your home, so if you don’t use it, converting a garage into a home gym and adding cardio or a Wattbike or FitBench may be a smart move for your wallet and your health.

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Wattbike Webinar Series

The Wattbike webinar series is a three-part online webinar hosted by Wattbike Lead Sport Scientist Eddie Fletcher that will explain to customers everything they need to know about exercise; the correlation between fitness and virus-protection; fitness testing and how to administer or undertake the Wattbike Health Assessment.

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