Curve Trainer Treadmill


WAUKESHA, WI, February 29, 2016 – Woodway USA, a leading manufacturer in high end, hand built, custom designed premium treadmills, unveiled their latest innovation in non-motorized cardio into the treadmill family.

Woodway USA introduced the Curve Trainer. Similar to its highly successful counterpart, the Curve, the Curve Trainer was developed due to high demand for more traditional, main stream cardio areas allowing clubs to expand on the performance areas within the commercial market. Designed with a lower incline than the Curve, the Curve Trainer was developed for walkers and joggers who are looking to build endurance and increase stamina providing each user with the ability to maintain an efficient pace allowing for repeatability and longer duration workouts. In addition, the Curve Trainer provides the same Slat Belt technology as all Woodway treadmills allowing for comfortable training while reinforcing proper gait mechanics and posture.  

“The original Curve treadmill has always been catered towards performance so we developed a model to compliment some of the more mainstream cardio applications providing the same great solution, but expanding the market,” said Eric Weber, Director of Sales and Marketing for Woodway USA.

The Curve Trainer is one amongst a line of non-motorized treadmills combining performance, commercial, home and medical markets referred to as the ‘Curve Series.’