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State-of-the-art outpatient sports medicine and functional wellness clinic

From sports medicine to physical therapy to regenerative medicine and wellness services. Odom Health & Wellness takes care of your needs.

“Our goal is to guide people to taking an active approach to health and wellness through treating the mind, body and soul. We accomplish this by understanding our patients by having our cutting edge treatments that are delivered through our highly trained medical providers to help people get back to using movement and activity to achieve longevity in life.” – Dr. Andrew Moran, PT, DPT

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How is ODOM Health Different?

At Odom Health & Wellness we do more than just treat injuries

Odom Health & Wellness is different when compared to larger clinics or hospitals in Minnesota. We believe that being in motion is a vital part of every human being’s life. The active aging client seeking relief from knee pain and the injured professional athlete are treated with the same respect and importance in our welcoming and healing environment. We are our patients’ best advocate.

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How has your Woodway treadmill benefited your facility?

Delivering Real-Time Results with Gait Lab Analysis

Our customized Woodway treadmill has allowed us to take our running gait analysis to the next level. We have a heavy emphasis on treating a high volume of runners and triathletes in our sports medicine clinic and Woodway has allowed us to deliver excellent results to our patients through our analysis and diagnosis of running related injury.

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Many Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine facilities choose Woodway Treadmills for their longevity, durability and quality. Check out the Woodway Difference and learn why facilities like yours are choosing Woodway Treadmills. Want to be featured? Send us your facility pictures!

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