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Woodway has been held in high regards as the best performance equipment in the industry for over 40 years. Our expertise and reliability in human and product performance derives from years of research and collaborations with leading athletes and coaches of all levels. With innovative product design and our slat belt running surface, users can be confident they are training on the most superior piece of equipment in the industry, the standard for improving performance in humans and brands.

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Trek Bicycle

“Trek engineering is all about fast-paced innovation, but we can only innovate as quickly and reliably as we are able to test out our ideas.  In the past, we had to choose between either the ease & consistency of laboratory bench tests or the realism of on-road ride tests.  Our Woodway treadmill brings together the best of both worlds, providing a highly-controlled, fully-realistic, and always-accessible method for testing bikes.  We worked closely with Woodway engineers to create a first-of-its-kind test machine that allows us to truly recreate any real-world cycling condition – from climbing up a mountain on smooth pavement to racing across cobblestones, to hitting big rocks on a mountain bike. With our treadmill as the centerpiece of the Trek Performance Research Center, we have an unprecedented ability to prove out our prototypes and dig deep into cycling physics.  In the end, our innovative treadmill test methods help lead to more innovative products, meaning more fun and performance on the bicycle for everyone!” – Trek Bicycles

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Performance facilities choose Woodway Treadmills for their durability, capability and quality. Check out the Woodway Difference and learn why facilities like yours are choosing Woodway Treadmills. Want to be featured? Send us your facility pictures!

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