Woodway News


May 12th, 2020

WOODWAY wants to join our customers in their effort to provide a safe environment for their clientele. Continuing social distance practices will likely be part of this effort.

Anyone that has ever cleaned a treadmill knows that sweat, dirt, germs, and grime, go everywhere – we have a solution!

We have devised a treadmill divider that can easily be sanitized after use and limits interaction between treadmills. These dividers are made of common materials that are easily found at most local hardware stores and/or on-line.

Below we have the shopping list to build the initial unit and any subsequent “add-on” units that can be tied in as needed. This should provide flexibility to cover as few or as many treadmills as you may have at your facility.

From everyone at WOODWAY – we wish you continued safety and health during this time!

Part numbers below are live links to the solution we used. This is not the only place to source these parts. We are not selling this solution, rather offering a recommendation.

Starter Unit
Qty. 4 – 47045T51 – $15.42/each
Qty. 4 – 47045T55 – $15.97/each
Qty. 4 – 47045T45 – $31.58/each
Qty. 8 – 47045T84 – $7.25/each
Qty. 2 – 205351368 -$219.00/each
Total Starter Unit Cost $747.88

Add-On Unit
Qty. 4 – 47045T51 – $15.42/each
Qty. 2 – 47045T55 – $15.97//each
Qty. 2 – 47045T45 – $31.58/each
Qty. 4 – 47045T84 – $7.25/each
Qty. 1 – 205351368 -$219.00/each
Total Add-On Unit Cost $375.78