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High Definition Performance

Versatile and easy-to-use, the Wattbike Nucleus is the perfect solution for your facility to attract or retain more members. The in-built workouts, tests, plans, and interval builder allow riders complete flexibility in their training, and our patented technique coaching tools Polar View and PES mean you don’t have to hire more gym staff; you can let the Wattbike Nucleus do the work.

Offer your members one of the most immersive and exciting indoor cycling experiences by installing a fleet of Wattbike Nucleus bikes on the gym floor today.

Perfect for the gym floor, fitness testing, personal training and performance fitness zones, the Wattbike Nucleus gives your members an accurate, reliable training tool that will get results. Fast.

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Whatever your workout, you can rely on our data. The Nucleus has been carefully engineered and independently tested to deliver ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-2000W.


The touchscreen elevates the cycling experience by delivering incredibly accurate performance feedback. It includes workouts, tests, and Wattbike’s brand new interval builder.


Visualize how you apply force through each pedal stroke and optimize your technique with this patented analysis tool. Training with Polar View helps improve pedaling efficiency and power output.


Pedaling Effectiveness Score is a unique technique analysis tool. Building on the industry defining Polar View, PES provides riders with a color coded display and numerical score. Previously only available via smartphone and tablet on the Hub app, you can now find it right in the touchscreen of the Wattbike Nucleus.


The Nucleus’s unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. That means all of the effort you put in indoors easily translates out onto the road.


The Wattbike Nucleus allows for a great deal of adjust-ability to provide a comfortable platform for most users.