The Balance Trunk E is truly an innovative piece of equipment. It is a proprioceptive machine that can provide information on the quantity and quality of pelvic movement perception. It both assesses and trains the pelvis with up to 10 different levels of instability.

The very intuitive and easy to use TecnoBody software comes fully equipped with a number of assessment, training modules, and games and activities enabling the operator to see the proprioceptive conditions of each user’s motor and sensory skills.

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The Balance Trunk E is a dynamic trunk balance training and assessment system performed in the sitting position with up to 10 different levels of instability. Paired with the very simple and intuitive TecnoBody software it is easy for fitness and rehabilitation professionals to evaluate and assess each client with precise and detailed data to use to measure progress and create powerful and specific training plans and programs. 


TecnoBody Software

Balance Software

The software of every TecnoBody system offers a wide range of assessments, training, and games and activities that provide precise and detailed data that is used to measure progress and create powerful specific training plans and programs.