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The Ski & Snowboard Fitness Trainer

Invented by Olympic skier Tim Dudgeon, the WOODWAY Carver is the most advanced ski and board fitness trainer ever produced. Utilizing the latest technology, it offers a totally unique fitness experience and a high energy, low impact, cardiovascular workout.

The Carver has been developed and rigorously tested by the world’s top skiers and snowboarders. It accurately replicates the movements used on the slopes, whilst ensuring users receive excellent cardio and toning benefits.

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Slope Ready!

  • Dramatically improves ski and snowboard skills while strengthening and conditioning the lower body “ski muscles”
  • Fast, fun, 20-minutes interval training sessions deliver quick results
  • Excellent core conditioning
  • Low impact, high intensity, high altitude interval training
  • Improves balance and body control
  • Speeds up reactions and coordination
  • Ideal for rehabilitation from injury
  • Great cardiovascular workout

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