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Imagine viewing the health of all your cardio equipment from anywhere.  Managing purchasing decisions based on real and relevant data. One platform that works with all of your cardio brands. The key to successful cardio management is a robust, high density and long-range wireless technology.

ECOFIT's wireless has been designed from the ground up to address these challenges. The patented technology works with new and existing cardio equipment, is low cost and does not tie up valuable WiFi bandwidth.

ECOFIT’s asset management solutions let you see beyond the basics of which machines are most used – you’ll get insights that show you if you should rotate machine placements to improve maintenance scheduling, identify and plan preventive maintenance to ensure equipment is available to members and much more.

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Take Advantage of the BIG DATA Revolution

  • Member Retention
  • Service Efficiency
  • Service Life


  • Asset Use
  • Manufacturer Accountability
  • Purchasing Decisions
Service Efficiency - Quickly identify under and over utilized equipment before customers become unhappy.
Equipment Balancing - Move cardio on the floor or regionally based on usage data.
Top-Up Strategy - Utilization data assists new clubs with when and what cardio to fill the remainder of the floor with.
Refit Optimization - Networking a few months before a refit can help you make the right decisions on your next cardio purchase.
Vendor Relationship - Collaborate with your cardio vendors to improve overall product experience.


Cintel - Cardio Intelligence

No other cardio management solution offers the exceptional flexibility and value of the ECOFIT Cintel system.

  • Wireless - Specialized high-density wireless technology designed to network hundreds of cardio pieces without costly networking infrastructure.  Using cintel won't affect your existing Wi-Fi networks.
  • Cross Brand - You have a choice of cardio vendors and your networking solution should be compatible with these choices. Cintel is compatible with all major cardio manufacturers. ECOFIT has the largest installed base of any cross-brand asset utilization offering. Click to view compatible manufacturers.
  • Scalable - cintel is designed to grow with you.  Whether you start ordering cintel Network Ready equipment gradually or decide to equip all your facilities nationwide, our enterprise level system is ready for the job.
  • Comprehensive - cintel offers the most advanced suite of asset utilization features and they are all created specifically for cardio equipment used in the busy gym environment.
  • User-Friendly - cintel  is intuitive, easy to learn and a pleasure to use.
  • Support - ECOFIT's specialized support is unparalleled within the industry. ECOFIT prides itself with the relationships it has developed with an extensive partner network ensuring that service is always available for your system.