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FitBench Studio


The Benchmark of Fitness

The FITBENCH STUDIO is a smaller, but equally as functional, version of the FITBENCH ONE. It is designed to accommodate specific settings where a lower step height and smaller weights, for performing quick and repeatable exercises, are key.

The STUDIO is perfect for any boutique style fitness club or studio looking to maximize their space while offering functionality and versatility in their workouts.

Ready to Buy the FitBench?

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fitbench studio



  • Premium Resistance Bands – featuring removable handles allowing FITBANDS to be stacked together with increasing weight up to 45 lbs. Nylon sleeve surrounds the bands, making them safe and durable
  • Four Dumbbell Sets: Rubber Hexagon shaped and painted numbers allow visibility in dark studio settings  – 10, 15, 20, 25 lbs
  • One Slam Ball 12 lbs
  • Three wheeled bench for easy 360 degree movement and portability
  • Locking Feet for safe use
  • Slow close piston shock bench top which has been polyurethane injected, molded for comfort and durability
  • FITROPE (Battle Rope) sold separately


Use the attachment points to anchor your battle ropes or fitness bands. FITBENCH can take a beating – it was designed to double as a plyobox for you to step/jump onto and off of. Last, engage your core throughout your workout with the flat, adjustable benchtop.