(ABOVE) See how the Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital uses the KineAssist to perform a variety of walking and balance related therapies for the goal of improving mobility.

The KineAssist provides the ability to safely challenge patients in real life environments, such as over ground walking, step climbing, standing balance, and dynamic balance therapy.

With a wide range of existing practice settings and scientifically-tested challenge-based training protocols, the KineAssist makes it easy to measure progress and it provides standardized objective data outcomes.


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  • Treadmill surface moves in direct response to the user's intention
  • Unique harness system protects patients from the consequences of losing their balance by catching them before they can fall, which builds confidence in their abilities while they increase strength and stamina
  • Body-weight is supported at the hip, allowing for a natural gait without any mechanical interference
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training

KineAssist - MX

Any patient that is medically cleared for gait and balance therapy is suited for the KineAssist-MX, focusing on training activities and skills related to walking and upright balance.

Assessments and interventions are developed to focus on:

  • Aerobic Endurance Training
  • Gait Pattern Training
  • Strength Training
  • Speed of Movement Training
  • Dynamic Balance Training
  • Walking training under challenging conditions


Key Features

  • Provides stadardized objective data outcomes
  • Scientifically-tested challenge-based training protocols
  • Rapid fall recovery for resumption of training
  • Combined intervention protocols incorporated in a single session


User Weight Capacity 350 lbs. (159kg)
Belt Type 60 Individual Slats
Drive System 114 Precision Ball Bearings with 12 Roller Guides
Running Surface Valcanized Rubber (38-43 shore hardness)
Drive Motor 2 hp Continuous Brushless Servo
Unit Weight 1,289 lbs. (585 kg) * With Lift Chair: 1,439 lbs. (653 kg)
Width 48” (122 cm) *with lift chair 67" (170 cm)
Length 92” (234 kg)
Height 86” (218 cm)
Power Supply 115/230 Vac 15 Amp Power Supply 50/60 Hz
Walking Surface Dimensions 27” W x 68” L (70 cm x 173 cm)
Pelvic Width 11.5"-22.4" (29.2-56.9 cm)
Space Requirements 128" x 96" x 96" (325 x 244 x 244 cm)
Continuous Weight Support <175 lb. (<79.4 kg)
0-6.7 MPH (0-11 km/h) Standard Feature
Lift Chair Standard Feature
User Interface
Communication Bus CAT5 Ethernet Port, open or site to site VPN (with required security), wireless option
Touch Screen LCD Display Standard Feature
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