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OptoGait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions. OptoGait makes it possible to assess, identify, develop, prevent, report, and compare pre- and post-injury assessments with a series of tests that can be viewed immediately for real-time gait analysis.

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Integrated Infrared & Video Analysis

  • The OptoGait system utilizes precision optical measurements between two light bars to gather data.
  • Dual video cameras sync with measurements to provide visual inspections that can be replayed.
  • The OptoGait system can be used with a virtual foot-switch sending analog output switch signals to EMG or other biomechanical analysis systems (output delay 300 ms)

Instant Feedback

With the OptoGait’s instant data feedback and video analysis coaches, practitioners and trainers can utilize measurable statistics and visual tools to quickly identify deficiencies & develop appropriate treatment plans. Ongoing assessments provide accurate monitoring of progress and help prevent injuries.

Testing, Results, Analysis & Reports

  • Predefined tests or create custom tests
  • User receives three types of feedback in real time: numerical, graphical and video
  • Images to data comparisons
  • Frame by frame or still picture
  • Ability to export all data
  • Several reports including a summary (“Gait Report”) that allows you to see asymmetries

Effectively Measure Gait Cycle

  • Stride & Step length
  • Stance & Swing Phase
  • Single & Double Support
  • Contact & Flight Time

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