ProSmart Touchscreen



Where Artificial Intelligence meets Fitness Intelligence, the Woodway ProSmart Touchscreen is a revolutionary training console designed to enhance user experience and create a one-of-a-kind workout catered to each individual's goals. With dynamic Smart Coach Programs, entertainment options featuring Virtual Real and Game Runs, browsing and streaming capabilities, and customizable workouts, the ProSmart is designed to capture an incredibly innovative dynamic experience based on each user's specific profile settings.

The intelligence goes beyond just the workout though. The ProSmart allows for full customization providing each facility the ability to personalize every aspect of their user's experience with colors, logos, and themes. Not only does the ProSmart come pre-loaded with workouts, but it also introduces digital heart rate, data analysis via STATS, and much more! #whereAImeetsFI

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prosmart customization

Highly Customizable Touchscreen

  • Fully customizable user interface for clubs, gyms and studios
  • Custom brand standards, colors and logos, and club specific content
  • Specific personalized user profiles, workout summaries and settings
prosmart entertainment


  • Be more engaged in your workout with Real Runs and Game Runs in real world environments like San Francisco or virtual gaming environments like Grand Theft Auto
  • Browsing and streaming capabilities including Netflix and Hulu
woodway prosmart smart programs

User Specific Smart Programs

Follow along with Smart Coach Guided Programs, a goal oriented four to six week progression of our programs tailored to your progress and individual metrics.

  • Workout Customizer
  • User Workout Data Tracking
  • Custom Workout Summaries
  • Guided Profile Set Up allows "getting started" to be defined with accurate user information


3rd Party Asset Management

The ProSmart software captures data on a millisecond basis which allows for greater visibility into workout metrics and equipment uptime.


Backend website for club management and end user. Clubs can assess need for service, do preemptive maintenance, and monitor treadmill usage over time. End user can collect workout information, analyze in visual formats and export to 3rd party fitness apps.

Dynamic Quick Keys

Adds any speed held for 30 seconds or more to a list of favorites.