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Factory Certified Pre-Owned Products

Are you considering a refurbished woodway treadmill?

Only WOODWAY USA can assure that pre-owned WOODWAY treadmills maintain the highest standards in quality and comfort.

WOODWAY treadmills slat-belt design is unlike any conventional treadmill and requires specific service procedures and custom components that are produced specifically by WOODWAY USA. WOODWAY USA does not authorize or endorse any secondary re-sellers. Download Woodway’s Used and Renewal Treadmill Buying Guide.

If you are interested in finding out what used or refurbished equipment is currently in stock, as inventory changes regularly, please contact Woodway or fill out a designated form here and sales representative will be in contact.

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Used Buyers Guide

used woodway treadmills

Things To Know

Certified Factory Pre-Owned and Renewal Program

WOODWAY offers a certified factory pre-owned program that is a factory authorized and administered quality assurance program designed to provide potential WOODWAY customers with alternative options to purchasing a new treadmill, while allowing you to maintain high standards and great expectations for the finest exercise product available

Certified Pre-Owned Treadmill

WOODWAY hand selects only a small percentage of treadmills to be resold in pre-owned condition. This is a very thorough process and the treadmill goes through a multi-point inspection. WOODWAY understands our customers have the highest expectations in the market and we want to assure they are receiving the best product in the best condition possible. Only Woodway Certified Pre-owned treadmills come with a 1 year parts and 1 year Woodway factory warranty.

Certified Factory Renewal Treadmill

WOODWAY has the ability to perform a “Certified Factory Renewal” on every one of our products, this is because the treadmill is built with such a heavy duty frame and base components that they can literally be rebuilt from the base up. A renewal treadmill will look and feel like the treadmill the day it rolled off the original assembly line. Renewal products use a combination of new and refurbished components and are sometimes discontinued styles or product options. Only Woodway Certified Factory Renewal treadmills come with a 2 year parts and 1 year labor Woodway factory warranty

Considering purchasing a Pre-Owned Woodway Treadmill from a fitness equipment dealer or 3rd part private seller?

WOODWAY slat-belt treadmills are designed to provide the longest lasting treadmill product in even the highest usage facilities while providing the most comfortable running surface available. That being said, years of wear and tear in a commercial facility will take its toll on the product.

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