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ProSmart Q1/21 Update Release Notes

May 11th, 2021

WOODWAY is excited to bring you the first ProSmart update of 2021. We hope you have been safe and healthy since our last release, and that you continue to enjoy your treadmill and the ProSmart software. This release continues to build on the interactive capabilities of the ProSmart, enhances existing features, and improves many bugs around streaming/entertainment and Bluetooth connections.


  • Bluetooth FTMS protocol – allows 3rd party app developers to control machine, such as Zwift Run.
  • Three “Real Runs” added – Apache Trail, Daytona Beach and Paris
  • Two new “Workout View” dashboards.
    • HIIT focused “QuickSet”
    • Heart-rate centric “Polar View”
  • FTG Resistance Brake can be enabled to level 20 when not in-use to lock the belt.


  • Optimized full screen browser to not overlay the ProSmart UI onto website headers/footers.
  • Improved password recall for streaming sites, requires an account.
  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity/pairing for headphones.
  • Bluetooth device pairing must be confirmed by the user on the device before showing “Connected” on the treadmill.
  • Resolved HBO Max [Widevine DRM] playback issues.
  • Enabled workout statistics to be viewed in Workout View dashboards.
  • Enabled internet connections that are on a network but not cloud-connected.
  • QC Test enabled for HR Grips.
  • Default sites now included in “Streaming.”

Fixes on Reported Issues:

  • QC Test: Wi-Fi test not working.
  • QC Test: Touchscreen test was faulty.
  • Apple TV+ online streaming sign-in delay.
  • Watt’s not calculating properly.
  • Unable to reset passwords.
  • Unable to save “Speed” presets.
  • Browser windows not enabled for full screen.
  • Custom summaries not displaying time properly.
  • Keyboard losing clarity/focus.
  • Screen brightness not responding.
  • Dynamic buttons and Dynamic Brake disabled in certain workouts.
  • Keyboard auto-scroll.
  • Browser preview not responding to touch.
  • “Quick Start” and “Run of the Day” workout start delays.

If your treadmill is connected to the internet, we try to deliver these updates to you automatically, unless the automatic update is toggled off. 

If you do not experience these changes then you can manually update the treadmill within “Settings->OS->Update via Internet” – it usually takes less than 10 minutes to update.

If you do not have the ability to connect to the internet or your internet connection is too weak, you will need to call our service department to discuss your options – a physical update to your machine may be required.

For additional resources on getting your treadmill connected and staying up to date, please follow the link below.