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ProSmart Q4/21 Update Release Notes

November 18, 2021

Woodway is happy to introduce the Small Group Training dashboard to the ProSmart. Coaches, trainers, and end-users urged us to create a dashboard where a small group of athletes or friends could train together.

Up to 4 runners can train simultaneously in a chosen number of intervals that are either distance or duration based. Each user can set their own speed or incline, once the interval is complete, it’s the next users turn. Upon completion a summary page allows you to review and record each runner’s stats.

Find your training partner(s) so that you can run, rest, and repeat, in Small Group Training.

New Features and Major Improvements:

  • Small Group Training – Train in distance or duration based intervals with up to 4 participants.
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing and disconnect ability.
  • Curve FTG defaults to highest resistance to lock the belt for safety and fall-prevention.
  • Stride Lab can initiate a free run and target based run.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • UI crashes after opening a workout
  • Curve layout corruption, including additional borders
  • Main page icons being misplaced and/or correctly centered
  • Fixed scrolling position in Privacy Policy and other scroll menus
  • Localized translation for “Internet Connection Status”
  • Prevention of treadmill being set over max speed limit within diagnostics
  • TV not being remembered when switching between Workout dashboards
  • Eliminated “Skip to Next Phase” option when “No Skip” is enabled
  • Added acceleration settings option in General Settings menu
  • Optimized elevation and speed change pop-ups for better Entertainment, Virtual, and Real Run experience

Automatic Update Reminder

We strongly recommend automatic updates for the best ProSmart experience and quick as possible access to new content. If your treadmill is connected to the internet we automatically update your software, so you may already be experiencing these new features.

If you do not experience these changes then you can manually update the treadmill within “Settings->OS->Update via Internet” – it usually takes less than 10 minutes to update.

If you do not have the ability to connect to the internet or your internet connection is too weak, you will need to call our service department to discuss your options – a physical update to your machine may be required.

For additional resources on getting your treadmill connected and staying up to date, please follow the link below.