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Floor Space Optimization

Optimize your floor space, increase your ROI

There are unlimited possibilities to knowing the best floor plan for your facility. Networking your equipment provides the largest return on investment (ROI) of any single investment made for your facility.

Combine that with the power of service efficiencies, procurement savings and extended equipment life and you have a fully optimized space, not only for your facility, but most importantly, your members!

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More for Your Bottom Line

Used, on average, 50% more than other conventional treadmills

  • According to data provided by Ecofit, a fitness asset management service, Woodway’s 4Front was found to be the most used cardio equipment daily in North American fitness clubs.
  • The non-motorized Curve also has a higher usage percentage daily than other non-motorized treadmills in the US.
  • Both Woodway products were used, on average, 50% more than other conventional treadmills.
Curve Treadmill Usage

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Networking Solution

EcoFit Analytics Allows You to make Intelligent Decisions with:

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Automated Data Collection

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Data Driven Decision Enhancement

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Real-time notifications

Add the extended life of Woodway Treadmills with EcoFit networking solutions for the biggest ROI in your floor space.

Contact your Woodway Sales Representative or Ecofit Networks to discuss your requirements and learn more about how we can help.

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