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A Global Technology Leader

HDT Expeditionary Systems is widely recognized for its industry-leading production of state-of-the-art, fully integrated deployable solutions, including shelters, generators, heaters, air filtration devices, robotics and other engineered technologies, currently used by U.S. and allied military units worldwide, as well as civilian government and commercial customers.

WOODWAY now offers the HDT’s KineAssist. HDT robotics engineers, along with researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University, have worked to create a completely new type of therapy system for gait and balance recovery. HDT’s KineAssist-MX (Mobility eXtreme), provides clinicians with evidence-based tools and treatment guidelines to get patients back into the community, moving with greater confidence and more capability than can be achieved using other therapy approaches.

• HDT’s KineAssist-MX can be used anywhere patients need to train to improve their gait and balance abilities

• The KineAssist-MX offers unique benefits to patients and their care providers at Rehabilitation Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities

• The KineAssist-MX can be used for joint replacement rehabilitation and cardio-pulmonary stress testing where the patient is not capable of completing a traditional stress test

• The KineAssist-MX can provide variable resistance, increasing the effort required by the patient to walk or perform other challenging tasks

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A Global Technology Leader