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The Woodway Difference


Elevate your workout to new heights with a higher incline range.

The Woodway Ridgerunner takes the 4Front platform and extends the incline to 35% elevation. The Ridgerunner can effectively replace a gym’s stair-stepper, elliptical, or incline trainer, while still offering all the versatility of a motorized treadmill. Our slat belt has always provided comforting benefits to the lower-posterior chain, but the Ridgerunner will intensely engage this muscle group and take a treadmill workout to new heights.

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Ridge Runner



Width35" (89 cm)
Length90" (230 cm)
Height69" (173 cm)
Speed0-12.5 mph (0-20 km/h)
Incline(-5%) - (+35%)
Resistance0-60 lbs. (27 kg)
Unit Weight650 lbs. (295 kg)
Electrical208/230 Vac 20 Amp
Warranty5-year drive, motor, and belt, 3-year all components, 1-year labor

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Person walking on Ridge Runner treadmill

Conquer Your Climb

The Woodway Ridgerunner takes the classic 4Front to new heights by extending the incline to reach 35% elevation. Replace traditional incline trainers or stair steppers with a low-impact, high-intensity elevation workout.

Unique Slat-Belt Surface

Designed to ensure a low-impact workout by absorbing shock and reducing stress on the joints while providing superior grip and stability, making workouts safer, more effective, and quieter than traditional treadmill belts.

Reach New Heights

Replace the need for multiple pieces of equipment with the versatility of a highly beneficial steep incline workout that doubles as a classic treadmill. With up to 35% incline, users can train for races with varying elevations and simulate the conditions of hill running.

Choose Your Hard

With Standard, Dynamic, and Resistance modes all in one machine, customize your workout with three unique belt operation options.

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