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The Woodway Difference

Curve FTG

An all-in-one superior workout solution, combining technique with extra resistance.

The Curve FTG combines the cardio of our Curve Trainer with 20 levels of resistance for an all-in-one superior workout solution. Designed to help the user exercise with proper form and technique in bio-mechanically correct positions when pushing and pulling at various levels of resistance. The 130-degree angle of the FTG was specifically designed to put athletes under tension while reducing stress on the lower poster chain and minimizing the chance of injury.

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Curve FTG


Curve FTG
Curve FTG


Width33" (84 cm)
Length76" (193 cm)
Height71" (180 cm)
Curvature≈ 3%
SpeedManual - Innovative Curved Design
Unit Weight400 lbs. (181 kg)
Electrical115 Vac 20 Amp Required
Warranty5-year frame and belt, 3-year all components, 1-year labor

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New Heights of Performance

The Curve FTG gives you the tools to put in the work to train at a high level. The dynamic functionality of the FTG gives you more choices on how you want to push your limits while achieving incredible results. Use your own power to reach new heights of performance, and the Curve FTG will meet you there.

Work with Resistance

The Curve FTG has 20 resistance levels which equate to upwards of 60 lbs. Resistance can be increased at a gradual pace throughout a run to train endurance, or you can start with resistance to train explosiveness. Resistance mimics sled pushes, parachute runs, and aids in training sprint technique.

Low-Cost Operation

The low cost of ownership due to limited electric components and zero energy consumption means you’ll still get a versatile workout without having to worry about high maintenance costs. Our slat belt design also lasts up to 150,000 miles.

Priority on Safety

The Curve FTG’s unique handrail accommodates users of all sizes and strengths. Designed to limit stress on lower limbs, particularly the Achilles tendon, the FTG is a safe and coachable environment that replicates forms of movement when an athlete is under tension and stress.

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