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Wattbike AtomX

The most advanced commercial smart bike.

The Wattbike AtomX features a high-definition touchscreen, integrated gear shifters, and lets you choose between ergo and gear modes. New “Climb Mode” introduces automated resistance to allow riders to tackle buck-list climbs such as Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux. Bring your cardio zone to life with the Wattbike AtomX – the most advanced commercial indoor bike ever.

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Wattbike AtomX


Wattbike AtomX
Wattbike AtomX Side View
Wattbike AtomX Back
Wattbike AtomX
Wattbike AtomX Side View
Wattbike AtomX Back


Frame Width26.77" (68 cm)
Frame Length48.81" (100 cm)
Height53.94" (137 cm)
Bike Footprint56.69" x 26.77" (144 cm x 68 cm)
Bike Weight105 lb. (47.5 kg)
External Power RequiredYes

Easy to Ride, By Design

With ground-breaking design and cutting-edge technology, the Wattbike AtomX smart bike boasts our feature-filled high-definition touchscreen for a range of workouts and challenges and integrated digital shifters for the most realistic ride.

Performance Touchscreen

Our high-definition touchscreen elevates the cycling experience by delivering the most advanced performance feedback for a fully connected user experience.

Ergo and Climb Mode

Allow the AtomX Ergo mode to regulate your workout. Choose from inbuilt training sessions or specify your desired watts and the AtomX will adjust the resistance to meet the required output. Climb Mode will simulate the gradient of famous mountains from around the world.

Integrated Gear Shifters

Integrated shifters put control of your workout at your fingertips. Change gear, adjust resistance, toggle workout modes, scroll through data screens and even start a new lap without ever leaving the handlebars. The addition of haptic feedback creates our unique “real ride feel” technology to offer the ultimate in-ride experience.

Quiet Training

Commit to your training without waking up the neighbors. Using precision magnetic resistance, AtomX stays quiet, so you can train on your smart bike at any time.

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