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Stability E

TecnoBody Posture Line

Stability E is a stability balance board training and assessment system capable of single and double leg movements. Paired with the very simple and intuitive TecnoBody software it is easy for fitness and rehabilitation professionals to evaluate and assess each client with precise and detailed data to use to measure progress and create powerful and specific training plans and programs.

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The Stability Easy is a force platform that uses three highly accurate, sensitive load cells. The surface size allows the patient to assume a very comfortable position either with their feet apart or heels together.

The static analysis is performed by the Stability Easy system, where all sensory motor components are evaluated in order to identify initial posture deficiencies.

Balance Software

The software of every TecnoBody system offers a wide range of assessments, training, and games and activities that provide precise and detailed data that is used to measure progress and create powerful specific training plans and programs.

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