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The Woodway Difference

Altitude Chambers

Experience a Revolution 
in Altitude Training

Our cutting-edge technology and user-centric design empower you to push your limits and reach new heights like never before. We’re not just providing equipment; we’re providing a complete solution to elevate your performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete striving for greatness or a fitness enthusiast looking to push your boundaries, our chambers are your gateway to success.

Why Altitude Training

Simply put, altitude training gives your body a harder workout in a shorter time. Altitude training exposes the body to a reduced oxygen level, which increases stress on the body, making it work harder.

A body used to less oxygen will be more efficient in extracting oxygen from the air at normal altitudes, resulting in better performance.

University of North Dakota Hockey says . . .

“The Woodway Altitude Chamber has proven to be a game-changer for UND Hockey. It has enhance their physical performance, boosted mental confidence, and sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among players and potential recurits.” 

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What Sets Us Apart


Consistent Conditions for Your Best Training

Traditional altitude chambers often create uneven environments, hindering your training progress. With our patented “Laminar Flow” technology, we ensure uniformity throughout the chamber. By equalizing oxygen percentage, relative humidity, and temperature, we guarantee consistency in every session.

Designed for Maximize Usage

Innovation meets practicality with chambers that are designed to maximize floor space without bulky equipment, allowing for increased user occupancy. Whether you’re training solo or with a team, you’ll have the freedom to move and perform without limitations.

Exceptional Control for Precision Training

Precision is key to effective altitude training. That’s why we’ve created chambers to give you exceptional control over simulated altitude, temperature, and humidity. Our integrated control/display system provides unrivaled reliability and safety, ensuring that your training sessions are both effective and secure.

Built for Reliable and Safety

Trust and safety are paramount in altitude training, which is why we’ve engineered our chambers with the following features:

  • Altitude oxygenation accuracy of +/- 0.1%
  • +/- 1% altitude control with additional factors of temperature and humidity
  • Sustained control from -13° to 122° F to accommodate various training environments
  • Excellent condensation control across variable temperatures
  • Components rated for 10+ years of reliable performance
  • Integrated design eliminates multi-component failure due to single-point issues
  • Auto shut-down safety features for potential low-oxygen errors
  • Remote diagnostics for real-time monitoring by our engineering staff

Features For Unique Use

Every athlete is unique, which is why our chambers offer several features to give you a customized experience every time you step inside.

  • 12” touch screen control for intuitive operation
  • Multi-tier user structure for personalized environment and admin settings
  • Multi-event timer allows you to set preset conditions at multiple times for efficient training sessions
  • Data log and graphic display of all measured parameters for comprehensive analysis
  • Data export to USB in Excel format for offline review and sharing

Laminar flow technology

Our patented “Laminar Flow” technology ensures a homogeneous environment by equalizing the air to the same oxygen percentage, relative humidity, and temperature.

The air is then gently moved across the chamber in a uniform manner to ensure the entire volume of the chamber remains consistent.

Our technology removes all climate equipment from the chamber, creating maximum usable space. With the exception of the air’s entry point in the room, the entire floor area has the same climate conditions to ensure accurate research and precise training outcomes.

Build a new chamber or add onto an existing space in your facility. 

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