With over 50 sq. ft. surface area, the Blade offers an abundance of space for learning and developing lateral movements, crossovers and continuous striding.

The Blade skating treadmill is ideal for all levels of skaters. From beginners learning fundamentals to professional athletes seeking stride efficiency and endurance development, the Blade is the ultimate tool for developing technique and improving overall skating abilities.

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The key to BLADE training is the controlled atmosphere. Coaches and trainers can easily communicate with skaters, providing constant instruction, evaluation, and feedback to get results.

Superior Skating Performance and Developmental Tool:

  • Practice crossovers, simulate skating into a corner, and skate backwards
  • Ability to skate continuously for a period of time or specified distance
  • Use positive and negative elevation to develop speed and power
  • Convenient and accurate measurement of speed, distance, and time
  • Develop hand/eye coordination while maintaining proper stride mechanics
  • Improve skating efficiency, increase power, and boost speed for superior on-ice performance




Consider this console your very own personal trainer.

  • Menu-driven color LCD screen
  • 10 pre-programmed workouts
  • Ability to create custom user workouts (up to 99)
  • Fitness testing (pre-loaded U.S. Military, Medical, and Fire Department protocols)
  • Multiple LED Readouts (Speed, incline, distance, calories, time, pace, heart rate, and METs)
Blade Treadmill


• 4 Free-standing Posts
• Overhead Continuous Oval Track System
* Installed by facility/Blade owners
• 4 Free-Rolling Trolley Safety Harness Mounting Systems


Running Surface Dimensions 94” W x 83” L (239 x 211 cm)
User Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Belt Type 87 Individual Slats
Drive System 316 ABEC 1 rated Ball Bearings with 32 guide bearings (4 mm lateral tolerance)
Drive Motor 5 hp Continuous (15 hp peak) Brushless Servo
Unit Weight 3,000 lb. (Shipping Weight 3,500 lb.)
Width 115” (292 cm)
Length 96” (244 cm)
Height 38”-55” (97-140 cm)
Power Supply 208/230 Vac 30 Amp Power Supply Power Supply **Dedicated Circuit and NEMA L6-30R Outlet Receptacle Required
Efficient AC Brushless Servo Motor Standard Feature
Skating Surface Polyethylene
Gantry Height 131" (333 cm)
Handrail Height 28"-55" (97-140 cm)
(-5%) - (+35%) Incline Standard Feature
0-20 MPH (0-32 km/h) Standard Feature
Reverse 0-5 MPH (0-8 km/h) Standard Feature
Gantry System w/Overhead Continuous Oval Track Optional Feature
Overhead Continuous Oval Track Optional Feature
Additional Free-Rolling Trolley Safety Harness Mounting Systems Optional Feature
Additional Fully Adjustable Safety Harnesses Optional Feature
6 Vest Style Safety Harnesses Standard Feature
Additional Vest Style Safety Harnesses Optional Feature
User Interface
Personal Trainer Display Board Standard Feature
Wireless Remote Optional Feature
RS 232 Serial Interface Optional Feature
CSAFE Communication Compatible Standard Feature
PT Pro Software Optional Feature
RFID System Optional Feature
Drive, Motor & Belt 3 Years
All Components 3 Years
Labor 1 Year