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Pro & Pro XL


Bigger, faster and stronger than other treadmills, the Pro and Pro XL have the ability to handle some of the most elite and most powerful athletes. With accurate speeds for reliable testing, WOODWAY’s performance treadmills will not be the limiting factor in your training.

The Pro treadmill provides a great uphill workout with a max incline of 25% elevation, and its larger running surface provides ample space for lateral workouts for any size athlete.

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Human Performance

This treadmill will not be the limiting factor in training your athletes. The Pro tops out at 15 mph and 25% of elevation, it can even have negative elevation at no extra charge. Do you need faster speeds? Just ask, we’re more than happy to comply. With the extra wide surface, you can implement lateral movements, and jump plates are available if over-speed training is your method. This is a must for any human performance training center.  

Safety and Comfort

WOODWAY treadmills feature state-of-the-art technology that provides the user with an experience unlike any other. Our treadmill belts are comprised of numerous individual shock-absorbing slats that have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles, and connective tissue; a luxury you won’t experience on any conventional treadmill.


The Slat Belt running surface lasts up to 150,000 miles without a single belt change or deck swap. With 112 ball bearings, the belt glides smoothly, which results in years of life with very little maintenance and zero electrical consumption. There is no need to adjust the tension of the belt because our design utilizes tracking rollers and a toothed pulley.

Pro XL

Need more space? Then the Pro XL is an absolute must for any human performance training center. With accurate speeds for reliable testing, ample space for running, and peak elevation levels, the Pro XL has the ability to handle some of the largest and most powerful athletes. Engineered with results in mind, this treadmill will handle any challenge thrown its way.
The Pro XL running surface is wider than anything else on the market, and, best of all, there is no hood, so your athletes can focus on the important things, like training. With the toothed belt and drive system, you can feel confident there will be no slippage, even at the highest speeds with the largest athletes.