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The Original Treadmill Desk

10,000 steps a day. Every day. While you work.

Minimize your sitting time and increase your productivity. Discover German engineering at its finest with the multi award-winning Walkolution Treadmill Desk. We don’t just design treadmills — we help you create a healthier lifestyle.

Award-winning and silent motor-less treadmill with integrated desk and standing aid. The maintenance-free treadmill workstation is mobile thanks to its four wheels – you can work with it in many places. 

The standing desk is available in two sizes and four heights. The table top is infinitely adjustable – you can pull it towards you and push it away.

or call 1-800-WOODWAY for price and purchase info.

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Compact and quiet treadmill workstation with integrated desk and standing aid. Requires no electricity. Multiple award-winning. The desk is available in two sizes and four heights.

The treadmill

– The world’s first silent treadmill (less than 35 dB)
– Maintenance free with lifetime warranty
– Multiple award winning design
– Works without electricity
– High quality and sustainable materials
– 350 lb. user capacity
– Usable with shoes or while barefoot
– Internationally patented

The advantages

– For concentrated, creative, and efficient work.
– Understood intuitively in minutes by any age group.
– Suitable for home offices, businesses, libraries, coworking spaces, etc.
– The speed of walking is determined step by step by the user.
– The treadmill adapts without time delay.

Integrated desk

– Adjustable depth: it can be pulled towards you or pushed away.
– Remains stable at all times.
– Available in two sizes and four heights.
– The small top (30.25″ wide) offers enough space for laptop and monitor and fits through 32″ wide doors.
– Made of certified beechwood, like the side panels of the treadmill.
– Workout – Desktop can be removed in seconds, no tools required.
– The desk base then serves as a handrail for safety.


– Four wheels make the treadmill mobile.
– Easy to reposition.
– The wheels are lockable.
– Suitable for stone and parquet floors.
– Foot set consisting of 4 feet included.
– The treadmill fits through most doors and in most elevators.

Production of the treadmill

– Handmade in Walkolution’s own high-tech factory in southern Germany.
– Only sustainable materials are used.
– Side panels are milled from solid sustainable beechwood blocks.
– Running surface made of springy birchwood slats.
– Coating is scratch-resistant, wipeable, and soft.
– Slats slide on industrial grade ball bearings.
– Extremely strong steel frame inside for safe operation and ultimate durability.