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The original and undisputed champion of indoor bikes. With over a decade of success under its belt, the Wattbike Pro/Trainer is celebrated for its versatility, accuracy, and adjustability. Unique dual air and magnetic resistance provide the patented Real Ride Feel – where indoor training feels just like riding on the road.

Praised for its accurate data output, and with an impressive performance heritage, the Wattbike Pro/Trainer is the gold standard of indoor bikes. Developed to improve performance, the Pro/Trainer is equally at home on the side of the pitch as it is on the gym floor.  

The Pro and Trainer combine years of painstaking research, analysis and improvement into one. Redefine the way you ride with Wattbike Pro and Trainer. 

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Pro or Trainer?

Both the Wattbike Pro and Wattbike Trainer feature a dual braking system (air & magnetic) for applying and fine tuning training methods. 

Wattbike TrainerWattbike Pro
Low to medium resistanceMedium to high resistance
Trainer level 0-2000 W RangePro level 0-3760 W Range
Smaller athletes & novice athletesTeam sports & more powerful athletes

Accurate Data

Whatever your workout, you can rely on our data. The Pro and Trainer have been carefully engineered and independently tested to deliver ±2% accuracy across the full power range of 0-3760W.

Polar View

Visualize how you apply force through each pedal stroke and optimize your technique with this patented analysis tool. Training with Polar View helps improve pedaling efficiency and power output. 

Resistance Systems

The Pro and Trainer use an innovative combination of air and magnetic resistance to deliver smooth, incremental increases. With a maximum of 3,760W for the Wattbike Pro, there is enough resistance for even the toughest workouts.

Real Ride Feel Technology

The Wattbike’s unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, delivering the most authentic ride feel available. That means all of the effort you put in indoors easily translates out onto the road.

Adjustment & Sizing

The Wattbike allows for a great deal of adjust-ability to provide a comfortable platform for most users.

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