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Curve LTG

The Lite Training Gear

The Curve LTG is designed to be lighter duty version of the original non-motorized treadmill, the Woodway Curve. Woodway recognizes that many of us general fitness users don’t need all the performative aspects of the original Curve – that’s where the LTG was born. The Curve LTG can be the solution for home gyms, small commercial settings, boutique set-ups, and personal training.

The nuts and bolts of this product aren’t very different from our performance lineup. The design is still best-in-class and meant to maximize your health. The TPE slat-belt is still softer than the industry average and the curvature reduces joint, muscle, and tendon wear.

There are no boring workouts when you zone-in on a HIIT session or middle distance runs. You’re in complete control. The belt is controlled by your stride and cadence. The multi-user display also allows easy training amongst groups, tracking and summarizing the stats of up to 4 runners. Connect your Heart Rate to a number of third party apps via Ant+ and Bluetooth.

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Group/Circuit Display

Group/Circuit mode allows multiple users to track stats while training. Speed (Current/Peak/Average); Time (Total/Pace); Calories (Total/Active/Mets/ Watts). Heart Rate when paired via Bluetooth or ANT+.

Ergonomic Design

The LTG is designed to be user-friendly while maximizing health benefits. Our design puts less stress on your joints, tendons and muscle tissue. The curved uprights and non-slip side covers reduce falls and provide a stable platform to step-up or off the treadmill.

Slat Belt

The original patented Woodway slat-belt remains best-in-class, even when updated with a TPE covering. Our belt is proven to reduce shock and increase comfort over traditional treadmill belts. We optimize our products so you can optimize your workouts. The non-motorized treadmill is ideal for walking, jogging, middle distance runs, and HIIT Training.