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What Makes a Woodway So Unique?

The Woodway Slat Belt running surface is light weight and durable with shock absorbing technology. Making it one of the most comfortable and highly sought after running surfaces.

  • Rubberized slats absorb foot strike at the point of impact – giving truest running feel
  • Type 38-34 Shore Hardness – ideal softness to eliminate shock to joints and connective tissues
  • Train longer and more comfortably

  • Running surface promotes the feel of natural trail running
  • Near silent – Rubberized slats also absorb the sound of foot-strike – Enjoy your work
  • GREEN – Minimal electricity required

Eliminates Harmful Shock


Only the Woodway running surface actually absorbs energy at the point of impact, eliminating harmful shock to joints and connective tissues.

Absorb Energy at Impact


Conventional treadmills are not designed to absorb energy at the point of impact, thus stressing the joints and connective tissues.

For the Long Run

WOODWAY treadmills feature revolutionary technology that provides users with an experience unlike any other machine on the market. It’s an amazingly advanced system, specifically designed to be easier on bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

A system so durable, it runs reliably year after year – yet saves more energy than any other treadmill. A system so comfortable, you can even run barefoot.

Only WOODWAY’s running surface actually absorbs energy at the point of impact, which eliminates harmful shock to joints and connective tissues.

WOODWAY’s are the ideal cardio solution For The Long Run.

No-Slip Drive Pulley’s & Belts

• Toothed Belt system – No slippage regardless of user size or weight – Clients can feel confident & safe regardless of size or speeds

• Accurate speed vs. Average speed for personal training clients – Toothed belt system does not allow for slippage

Low Friction Ball Bearing Transportation System

• Ensure the smoothest running experience

• Running surface glides over the bearings vs. stretched over the rollers

• Highest industry weight capacity up to 800 lbs